Cotton Gin Machinery Services

Cotton Gin Manchinery Service

In the cotton industry, having the right machinery and equipment can significantly reduce ginning costs and shorten your season. In addition to design, construction, and machinery sales, CCC can provide experienced field engineers to assist in cotton gin operations such as, equipment maintenance and technical training for your cotton gin machinery.

We can provide new parts, repair and rebuild existing parts, or deliver used parts for nearly all makes and models of gins including:

  • Lummus
  • Continental
  • Murray
  • Consolidated
  • Mitchell
  • Moss-Gordin
  • Horn
  • Hardwicke-Etter
  • and other gin equipment manufacturers, both foreign and domestic.

Gin Upgrades and Repair

Cotton Gin Equipment Service

In order to be effective, you must minimize downtime and increase efficiency. CCC can provide your ginnery with up-to-date cost effective machinery and equipment, resulting in decreased labor costs and increased profits.

Learn how CCC can supply your organization with up-to-date gin machinery, please visit our cotton gin machinery section.

CCC can make sure that your cotton gin is operating at optimum performance, contact CCC today and request a consultation.

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