Cotton Gin Parts & Supply

Cotton Gin Parts and Supply

CCC has built a name for providing quality gin parts that will exceed your expectations and need when it counts. Time and again, our customers return to us not just for savings but for our knowledge of the parts that we sell. Look to CCC when you need gin repair items, such as:

  • Gin Saws
  • Gin Ribs
  • Gin Brushes
  • Gin Wear Parts
  • New, Rebuilt and Exchange Cylinders
  • Machinery Flashing and,
  • all parts and supplies needed to run a profitable Cotton Gin.

We can provide new parts, repair and rebuild existing parts, or deliver used parts for nearly all makes and models of gins including:

  • Lummus
  • Continental
  • Murray
  • Consolidated
  • Mitchell
  • Moss-Gordin
  • Horn
  • Hardwicke-Etter
  • As well as most other gin equipment manufacturers, both foreign and domestic.

Specialty Parts & Supply

Cotton Gin Parts and Supply

In addition to gin parts and machinery we can supply those specialty items for your gin, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Special Bearings
  • V-Belts
  • Belting
  • Belt Fasteners
  • Pulleys
  • Rubber Vacuum Flashing
  • Doffer Brushes
  • Channel Saws
  • Chain
  • Tramper Chain Couplers and,
  • many other items not listed.

To learn more about our range of cotton gin parts and supply products or, to request a particular product contact CCC today.

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